“Therefore encourage one another and build one another up…” 1 Thess. 5:11

There are over fifty verses in the Bible that instruct Christians about “one another”. “Love one another” and “encourage one another” are just two examples. “One anothers” are carried out in community. Early Christians lived in true community, sharing their resources to “help one another” meet their daily needs. Today, the church is still a source of community where each member can bless the community by encouraging, supporting, or sharing.

Veritas Health Solutions is likewise designed to combine the strength of the community of believers, to bring affordable, quality digital health and consumer services at considerable cost savings. Together, as a community, we help one another focus on wellness – physical, mental, financial and spiritual.

Veritas Health Solutions:

    • – Provides significant, affordable, Digital Health Services, for everyone
    • – Provides deep discounts on many consumer product and services
    • – Promotes family and Christian values
    • – Built on the strength of community
    • – Identifies the local church as a hub of hope